Last month I hosted a powerful webinar in collaboration with the University of Calgary where I shared my 4 Steps to Starting and Succeeding as a New Entrepreneur (you can watch the replay here).

Because the truth is, when you start your own company, every aspect of your life shifts and expands and you’re invited to rise into new levels that may feel unfamiliar or overwhelming at first.

Here are my 4 Steps to help you feel more certain as you begin your journey:

Step 1: Start Your Business By Starting With Yourself

Nearly every aspiring entrepreneur I know has told me they find it challenging to know where to begin when it comes to building a business. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place, my friend! The most powerful thing you can do as a new entrepreneur is start your business by starting with yourself.

Begin by asking yourself questions like these:

  • “What do I need as a new entrepreneur?”
  • Do I need a flexible work schedule or something more structured?
  • How will my business support me financially?
  • Which support systems and resources can I call in for myself?
  • What values and skills do I need my business partner to bring?

When you’re clear on what you need from your business, you can ensure your entrepreneurial experience will be sustainable and supportive over the long term. To help you take the first steps, I’ve created a guide with 10 Powerful Questions for New Entrepreneurs which you can download for free here.

Step 2: Take Bite-Size Action On Your Vision

Quote that reads As Marie Forleo says, “starting small doesn’t mean thinking small.” We can have high-impact visions for our companies and we can take meaningful, bite-size steps toward what we desire.

A dear friend recently came to me feeling overwhelmed by his big vision of starting a local flower shop and coffee house. I invited him to continue to hold a higher vision for his work but break down his mission into smaller, more manageable pieces.

After 15 minutes of talking together, we came up with a brilliant way for him to begin his journey. He decided he would launch a pop-up flower shop at various markets around the city on the weekends. Starting his business in this way would help him build brand awareness, test his business model, and generate sales with early customers.

He let out a deep sigh of relief after discussing the idea together. He recognized that starting small didn’t mean letting go of his greater vision, rather it became an opportunity to get his business off the ground sooner than anticipated.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your brilliant business idea, can you:

  • Start with one client?
  • Begin with 10 minutes every day?
  • Open an online store or pop-up shop to test your idea?

Step 3: Be The Ultimate Designer Of Your Career Transition

Your transition into entrepreneurship doesn’t have to happen all at once. In fact, if you’re taking your time, that’s a good thing! As you consciously work towards becoming an entrepreneur, it’s important that your transformation feels empowering along the way.

When you’re first starting out, consider multiple revenue streams that will support you financially throughout your journey. For example, you may want to take on a buffer job or work somewhere part-time as you transition out of employment and into entrepreneurship.

Exploring alternative income streams or looking into transitional career opportunities that bring you closer to your dreams can be a powerful way to take action and begin moving towards your vision.

Step 4: Let Your Inner Work Be The Greatest Catalyst For Your Outer Work

A woman with brown hair and eyes closed meditating on a purple yoga mat.Many new clients come to me feeling blocked because they don’t have a business plan. While having a plan is important, the biggest blocks my clients face have nothing to do with business — they have everything to do with the stories they’ve absorbed around their worth and their capacity to succeed.

Whenever we move into new levels of our calling there will always be new layers of density to sort through. This includes old thought patterns that need reorganizing particularly when it comes to fear, scarcity, doubt, and lack. When you can truly own what you’re here to do and you clear the blocks that keep you in a state of resistance, you open yourself up to the success you desire and deserve.

If you’re feeling stuck in cycles of doubt or fear.. I have a solution for you.


Grab a piece of paper and write down 25 reasons why you’re the very best at what you do. You might list moments where you felt successful in the past, credentials or achievements, or affirming feedback you’ve received from other people, your boss, or a client you’ve worked with.

Give yourself a moment to get grounded in your greatness. Refer back to this list daily to amplify your confidence and feel good as you take action in your business.

And if you want more support, join our Facebook Community Group Here. There are always beautiful resources being shared and new entrepreneurs to connect with and learn from.

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