Our morning practices have a major impact on the way our day unfolds.

It’s these quiet and intentional moments that form the foundation for everything else. Creating pockets of nourishment that feel truly life-giving can completely transform the way we show up while elevating our energy levels.

I often spend time meditating and visualizing when I wake up. I start by envisioning how I want to feel during the day and I ground myself in beautiful affirmations around self love, abundance, healthy relationships, and transformational work. I also envision my clients, their success, and their breakthroughs as I hold them in my mind with the highest vision.

When I’m aligned and grounded in the morning, my day can expand from a place of ease. 


Here are 5 ways to make the most of your morning:

1. Visualize the Kind of Day You Want to Create

Spend a few moments, even five minutes, visualizing the way you want to feel as you go about your day. Our thoughts and feelings create our realities, and when we get into a high vibrational state we can begin to shift our experiences. As I mentioned above, every morning I sit in meditation as soon as I wake up and I practice visualizing deeply fulfilling and abundant experiences.


2. Try Tongue Scraping & Oil Pulling

Tongue scraping and oil pulling are Ayurvedic rituals that have been said to eliminate toxins from the body after waking up from sleep. Every morning, I’ll brush my teeth and scrape my tongue a few times to remove the white coating (Google this practice if you want to learn more). Then, I’ll take a tablespoon of raw, organic coconut oil and swish it around in my mouth for at least five minutes (some practitioners recommend 20 minutes.. but that feels a little long for me)!  I keep these practices short and sweet, but I find that they are a beautiful addition to my morning routine!


3. Watch Affirming and Inspiring Videos

Positive videos, podcast episodes, and music can be a beautiful way to transition into your day. I love heading over to YouTube and watching my favourite motivational speakers in the morning. These videos help me to feel energized and aligned with my purpose. I recommend saving uplifting and inspiring videos for when you need them most!


4. Consume Nourishing Bevvies & Foods

I start every day with two large glasses of water! I typically fill my glass with 3/4 cold water and 1/4 hot water as I’ve found this feels the best for my body and helps naturally detox my system and gently wake up my digestive system. Then, I will make myself a beautiful smoothie with a banana, frozen fruit, spinach, cinnamon, peanut butter, and chia seeds (my all time favourite combination). Lastly, in an hour or two I’ll make myself a hearty breakfast. I really enjoy toast with eggs or oatmeal with lots of nuts, fruits and and seeds on top. I try to consume the lightest things first (like water and smoothies) and follow them up with more heavy, nutrient dense foods as the day goes on.


5. Commit to a Loving Affirmation

One of the most powerful things we can do is create good feeling affirmations to lean back on throughout our day! Lately I’ve been loving this affirmation: “I choose to feel grounded now.” It is simple yet incredibly powerful in reconnecting with my inner peace and wisdom throughout the day. In any moment, we can choose to recalibrate our energy and shift our thinking to higher vibrational thoughts and affirmations.


I hope the practices above will serve you in cultivating a beautiful morning routine that feels deeply nourishing and supportive! I’ve also created a video in my private Facebook Group with more details about my morning rituals and practices. We’d love to have you join us, here’s the link!


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