There’s always a cost to disowning your power.

And when you’re compromised you can feel it.

I’ve been working with a number of clients this week on calling back their power and untangling the difference between compromise and being compromised. Understanding this distinction has truly been one of the most powerful lessons I’ve ever learned in my own life and business. 

It changed everything for me, and I want to break it down for you.

Compromise looks like making an empowered choice to be flexible without sacrificing your boundaries or needs. On the contrary, being compromised looks like sacrificing your boundaries, needs, or emotional-wellbeing in service of another person’s experience. You can be flexible while being uncompromising, something so important to remember.

Put these words into practice by grabbing a pen and paper, drawing a line down the centre of the page, and at the top of one column writing “where I am willing to compromise” and in the other “where I’m unwilling to compromise myself”

Witness what pours onto the page, without judgement, and start to get curious about where you may be compromising yourself. This exercise can be immensely powerful in helping you to both acknowledge and honour your needs.

You may also choose to use the mantra below to help you feel grounded as you establish and uphold those loving boundaries and reconnect with yourself.

“When my needs are honoured, everyone gets to thrive.”

If you’d like to take this work a level deeper, I’ve created a six-week online group coaching course to help you elevate your life and grow an expansive, thriving business. All of the details are here!

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