My mission is to heal the human spirit and change the way we do business.

Let me help you transform from employee to entrepreneur while feeling deeply nourished in the process.

I specialize in strategic business development and I’ll support you in reclaiming your power, confidence and purpose as a new entrepreneur. When we work together, we dive in deep and release everything that’s blocking you from being your vibrant self in both your life and business.

During every session, I’ll leverage my 10 years of education and experience in business strategy, marketing, psychology, consulting and coaching to guide you as you release blocks and move forward. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with over 50 entrepreneurs, brands and businesses and it is my absolute pleasure to bring this expertise to you.

Let me guide you in transforming limiting belief systems and stories in service of owning your vision and taking massive action.


"Before I started working with Jana I felt small, scared and quite insecure. My income was very sporadic and I was still relying on another job to sustain me. I was lucky if I sold $500 worth of clothing on my website in a month. After working with Jana and her helping me define a price structure that would sustain my business and my life, I was able to sell over $7,000 worth of clothing on my website in under 48 hours. Working with Jana has been the best possible gift I could have ever given myself, definitely worth the investment, a million times over."
Ethical Clothing Designer

Because entrepreneurship is about so much more than starting a business, I’ll help you:¬†

  • Establish a powerful, purpose-driven vision for your life and business
  • Crystallize your idea and build sound strategy around your business model
  • Clear and reconcile emotional and financial blocks that keep you small
  • Create a foundation for nourishment so you can feel grounded in all that you do
  • Build unwavering confidence in yourself and your business
  • Create an empowering transition plan to guide you into full-time entrepreneurship¬†
  • Establish and uphold loving boundaries in your personal and professional relationships
  • Develop a profitable financial model and pricing strategy
  • Build an undeniable brand and marketing plan for your company
  • Work towards your goals with ongoing accountability and support
"We first contacted Jana in the very early stages of building our business when we had an idea but no clear direction on where to take it or how to start. After just our first session, we knew right away that Jana would be the right fit for us. Her holistic and authentic approach to business helped us shape our brand into a wholesome reflection of us. Jana knew exactly how to challenge us in all the right ways, giving us the ability to make decisions with confidence. In just six months, we went from having a loose idea to forming a clear and concise business model. Jana is a dream to work with and we highly recommend talking to her if you have a business idea you want to take to the next level."
Ashton & Chantal
Nutrition & Fitness Trainers

Ready to Create a Vibrant Life and Thriving Business?

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