Last week I spent three nights straight completely enamoured with a new competitive cooking show (I’m not normally one to binge tv shows.. but this time I couldn’t resist)!

I watched wide-eyed as contestants made dish after dish and were judged by world renowned chefs.

And what I found most interesting was not the competitors and their dishes, but the top international chefs who judged them.

These international chefs had cooked at the highest level, they owned restaurants that won many international awards, and they were globally recognized for their innovation in the culinary industry.

As I voraciously consumed each episode (only stopping to go and make myself dinner), I started to notice consistencies among these experts that were profiled on the show.

Nearly every top chef spoke about their emotional connection to their work, and as one man said, “cooking is a manifestation of the human soul…” to which my jaw literally fell open as I stared at the screen.

Every chef talked about their insatiable desire to innovate, along with their commitment to breaking formal “rules” when it came to birthing new dining scenes and culinary experiences.

Every chef was simultaneously a student and a teacher of their profession.

They were an expert yet a humble and enthusiastic learner (and this is important).

These chefs had a strong understanding of who they were and what they were doing in the world, and yet they completely embraced the unknown.

The unknown was an opportunity — not a source of paralysis.

The mistakes and uncertainty were catalysts, not roadblocks, in their artistic process.

By embracing the unfamiliar, it was as if these chefs uncovered a completely unique way to express themselves through food, and this expression radiated across everything they created.

It was through their uniqueness that they became highly sought after.

If we want to be truly revolutionary in our work, we can’t adhere to the parameters of the existing industry we find ourselves in.

We must do things differently.

We must think for ourselves.

We must commit to resolving our own doubt and disillusion.

When we become a student of our work (rather than always needing to be the expert), especially as entrepreneurs, the doubt (that holds so many people back) can become inquisition, curiosity, exploration and ultimately expansion.

When we stay in the process of discovery, we can create with ease.

When we release the pressure we’ve built up around us, that’s when we’re free to expand.

And similarly to any culinary endeavour, business is like a painting — a natural form of human expression, and you are the artist.

Entrepreneurship is a way for us to reach deeper into our souls and our truth and pull out something magnificent for ourselves and for the world.

It can, and should, feel like art.

My entire body of work is dedicated to helping people build conscious, life-giving companies. If you’re resonating with these words and you know you want to become an entrepreneur, I’ve opened up a few very limited spots for discovery calls next month. All of the details are right here.

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