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I’ll help you transform your life and business from the inside out.

Together, we’ll unearth core belief systems and underlying resistance that keep you from the success you desire and deserve so that you can create a vibrant life and thriving business.

We’ll create a sanctuary and safe space to practice and master expansiveness, boundaries, untethered expression, and unwavering confidence so you can feel your best, always.

We’ll cultivate a space for you to build diamond clarity around your business trajectory and create a dynamic strategy to foster sustainable growth, so you can earn abundantly.

You’ll come away feeling deeply nourished, confident, grounded and aligned with the work you’re meant to do in the world.

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What clients are saying

"I worked with Jana in the beginning stages of my business, as I struggled to define my brand and actually get paid for my work. Her ability to get to the DNA of my business felt magical. Jana helped me define myself as an entrepreneur and get clear on what I’m bringing into the world. She guided me to the authentic and essential core of my brand. She helped me see my worth and the deep need my offering filled for people. She was gentle and loving in her approach, while never shying away from deeper issues. But even in working through limiting beliefs and going deep with who I wanted to serve and why, it all felt, somehow, easy. Jana’s belief in me and her unshakable confidence in my business were a necessary foundation during those first vulnerable months of launching. Her support was instrumental to the success and sustainability of my business, and to my ‘becoming’ as an heart-centred entrepreneur of integrity. I’m forever grateful."
Founder, Wolf Mother Healing
"With every tough situation that came up, Jana honored my experience without judgement and gently guided me to a place where I could create healing and see a light ahead. We really took the trash out of my life last year and I have never felt more confident in my ability to be the designer of my life. I highly recommend Jana if you've been thinking of getting a coach. Consider this your sign."
Founder, Women Who Create
"My whole journey with Jana was so holistic, she never told me what to do but instead she asked me the right questions. The kind of questions that made me stop in my tracks and reflect on the decision I was faced with. All of my decision-making came from deep within me, I was able to blend my personality with my brand, and shift my perspective on my work, my self-worth and how my approach is unique from everyone else in my market. I could easily write a novel on how amazing Jana is and how she's really meant to do this for a living. She's more than a business coach. She not only helped to establish my brand, find my ideal clients and shift my perspective on how I measure success. She helped me peel all kinds of layers that were holding me back from living in my truth, allow me to tune into my intuition, and in this process, she healed my spirit. "
Founder, A List Studio

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