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The Heart of Business Group Program enrolment is now closed. Email us at jana@allofherbusiness.com to get on the waitlist for the next round!

6 weeks to own your vision, elevate your worth and expand your business.

The program at a glance

Welcome to The Heart of Business, a six-week live group coaching course designed to help you expand and elevate your work as an entrepreneur while feeling completely nourished in the process. This program will help you develop a rich foundation to start and grow a business by transforming old stories and belief systems in service of cultivating a deep sense of self worth and confidence.

I will teach how you to earn abundantly for your great work while strategically growing your business in a way that is deeply aligned with who you are and the work you’re meant to do. We’ll kick things off on Thursday, May 28th and all of the details are provided below!

Why I created this

I created The Heart of Business Program because it’s everything I wish I had when I became an entrepreneur. It includes all of the knowledge, wisdom and lessons I’ve absorbed over the last ten years working with handfuls of global brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs. This program is equal parts business strategy and personal development and it’s designed to guide you in creating a beautiful springboard for lasting success.

“Now it’s my life’s work and mission to help other women build wildly profitable and sustainable businesses by ensuring they feel grounded, expansive, nourished, and aligned in pursuing their greatest passions.”

This six-week live coaching program will support you in building an unshakable foundation for your life and business by reclaiming your power, confidence and purpose as an entrepreneur. I’ll guide you in creating a thriving relationship with your business by elevating your capacity to earn abundantly, break free from doubt and comparison, establish and uphold nourishing boundaries, build unwavering confidence in your work, and create a clear strategic plan for growth. 

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You’re drawn to entrepreneurship (and maybe you already have a biz) but you’re stuck in a pattern of doubt, uncertainty & fear
  • Your negative internal narratives are running the show and keeping you bound in a life that does not feel authentic and vibrant
  • You roll out the red carpet for other people but you feel disconnected from your own needs and desires
  • You lack clarity when it comes to your vision for your life and business, and as a result you’re unsure of your next steps
  • You’re blocked when it comes to earning for your great work (i.e., you’re undercharging, lacking financial clarity, and struggling to bring in dollars)
  • You need of a big reset and you want to completely transform the foundation from which you live and work
  • You lack conviction and confidence when speaking about your work as an entrepreneur
  • You want to make strategic decisions in your business but you’re not sure where to start and how to move forward confidently
  • You see entrepreneurship as a catalyst for deep personal transformation and healing
  • You believe in a new way of doing business and want to feel aligned, grounded and nourished in your work

Well my friend, you’re in the right place & I’m so glad you’re here.

What will we cover?

 Week 1: Own Your Vision 

This week you’ll establish a powerful, purpose-driven vision for your life and business. I’ll show you how to honour and embrace your deepest desires by crafting an enduring vision statement that you feel deeply connected to. You’ll come away with practices to help you embody your vision and move forward with ease and conviction.

Week 2: Boundaries in Business 

As an entrepreneur, your needs must be your greatest priority. We’ll talk about how you can establish and uphold loving boundaries by building diamond clarity around your non-negotiables in life and business. Your boundaries will ensure you feel a deep sense of stability and certainty as you continue on your entrepreneurial path.

Week 3: The Comparison Cure 

Many of us feel blocked when we compare ourselves to others. During this module, we’ll get clear on the root cause of comparison and I’ll guide you in dissolving your feelings of separation and judgement so that you can spend less time looking at others and more time doing the work that lights you up.

Week 4: Earning & Abundance 

Ready to earn greatly for your work? We’ll talk about the biggest blocks to abundance and get to the source of what’s keeping you from the success you desire and deserve. You’ll create a structure to support you in cultivating a new level prosperity while elevating your relationship with money so that you can move forward in a way that feels deeply supportive.

Week 5: Your Strategic Foundation 

Once you’re aligned from the inside out, I’ll teach you how to create a rich strategic foundation for your business. I’ll teach you the fundamentals of business strategy so you feel confident designing an unwavering roadmap to success. You’ll come away feeling clear and ready to own the work that you do and I’ll provide you with a comprehensive business plan template to support you in your journey.

Week 6: Confidence is Calling

This week we’ll uncover the ways in which you’ve been resisting your greatness and I’ll help you reframe your inner belief systems that keep you bound in disempowering cycles. By the end of this module, you’ll move forward feeling deeply connected to your most confident, authentic self.


Program details

6 Group Success Coaching Calls

We'll hop on a live video call for 1.5 hours each week where I'll guide you through our lesson and provide grounded support and practical tools to help you elevate your life and business from a place of clarity, ease and alignment.

Weekly Worksheets & Focus Areas

Each week, you'll receive a powerful digital worksheet with targeted questions that are designed to support you through this process. You'll feel both centred and inspired as these exercises guide you in transforming your life and business.

Private Community Facebook Group

In our private group, we will create a deeply connected community space to hold you as you begin your journey and beyond. This is where I will guide discussions, answer your questions between our calls and celebrate your wins!

Unlimited Email Support

Have a question or need some individual guidance in between our group coaching calls? I'm all yours! I'll be available over email during our six weeks together to help you feel uplifted and empowered throughout the process.

Here’s what people are saying

How the program rolls out

Before our first call together, I’ll have each of you fill out a welcome questionnaire to set your intentions and clarify vision for the next six weeks. We’ll kick things off on the evening of Thursday, May 28th (at 6pm MST / 8pm EST) where we’ll get to know each other, talk about your goals, and dive right into the first module!
We’ll continue to meet virtually every Thursday night for the next six weeks where as I take you through powerful lessons and materials during our video calls. Before our calls, I’ll invite you to make a warm cup of tea, put on those comfy clothes, and settle in for a transformational experience.
You’ll also be part of our private Facebook group where you can chat with everyone in the program, receive guidance and feedback, and support each other on this journey. I will also be answering questions in the group throughout our time together and cheering you on.
Our program will be 100% virtual so you can join us from anywhere!

What you’ll walk away with

  • Grounded advice and practical tools to transform your life and business
  • A foundation for building a strategic and sustainable company
  • Confidence to dive into your purpose-driven work as an entrepreneur
  • Clarity around how to start and grow a business from a place of true alignment
  • A deep understanding of your boundaries and the tools to honour your needs
  • A tight knit community of likeminded, entrepreneurial women you can turn to for support
  • New belief systems that you can carry with you for the rest of your life
  • Lasting solutions to heal comparison, competition, and scarcity

The Investment

This program will transform the way you think about business and help you elevate your relationship with yourself and your work. The investment for the six week coaching program including all of the resources listed above is $950 CAD inclusive of all taxes and fees. You can send an e-transfer to jana@allofherbusiness.com or simply click the link below to pay via PayPal.

Ready to build a vibrant business and a deeply fulfilling life?

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