Building a business begins with a mindset shift.

99% of the time, clients I work with say they feel blocked because they don’t have a business plan, a marketing strategy, a revenue model, or a clear path to profit. While all of these things are important and necessary, the real blocks have nothing to do with business.


The biggest blocks have everything to do with the stories they’re telling themselves.


We hold all of these stories around our worthiness as people and entrepreneurs, our capacity to play at the level we know we’re capable of, and our ability to generate the kind of abundance we know we deserve. When we live in fear and question our worth, the world misses out on our unique gifts and contributions — and we miss out too. We miss out on living our most vibrant, nourishing, and expansive lives.


This is why rewriting your limiting stories can be one of the most powerful things you do.


I’ve seen time and time again. When my clients commit to their inner work, their businesses expand seamlessly and abundance can flow to them with ease. 


“Your inner work is the greatest catalyst for your outer work.”


I want to offer you a beautiful exercise for releasing fearful stories and belief systems that have kept you small. Begin by honouring your existing stories by thinking of an area in your life that’s been defined by a belief system that is no longer serving you.

It could be in your business, your career, or any of your relationships. Once you’ve identified an area of your life that feels out of alignment with the truth of who you are (which is infinite love and possibility), spend some time journaling about your existing story and beliefs. Ask yourself, “what is the story that runs on repeat in this area of my life?”

Allow the words to flow, and review what you write from a place of curiosity and compassion rather than judgement. Meet your story with understanding. Most of the time, we create these stories subconsciously to protect ourselves and stay safe. Thank your stories for keeping you safe and gently forgive them.

Next, ask yourself “if unlimited love and possibility were available in this area of my life, what story would I tell myself?” Again, allow the words to pour onto the page. Even if you don’t believe this new story just yet, simply write about a new, beautiful experience that feels good. Read this story every day, and consider keeping it on your beside table or tape it to your wall.


Continue to become familiar with your new story as you release old belief systems that keep you from feeling aligned with the truth of who you are.


This one simple exercise can be the foundation for your greatest transformation. I hope this message has served you, and if you’d like to take this work a level deeper, join us on April 27th for an expansive, six-week group coaching course! It’s going to be a beautiful opportunity to elevate your life and business by diving in deep and releasing the blocks that keep you from a place of deep authenticity and abundance.


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